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Snug Cottage Hardware Warranty

Snug Cottage Hardware, LLC guarantees our BPPCG product.   We will replace free of charge any BPPCG product that breaks and is found defective for the life time of the original purchaser.   Product must have been installed and maintained as per instructions supplied with original product.

The black finish on our product is a high quality polyester powder coating.   Some dulling of the finish over the years is considered normal.   Where steel parts regularly strike other steel parts the powder coat finish will chip or wear thin.   This is to be expected and is not considered a defect.

For warrantee claims we request that we are contacted at (800) 637-5427.   We will require digital photographs of the defective product or that it be returned to us.   If we deem that failure is due to a defect in the product we will replace it free of charge.   Shipping charges from Marysville, Michigan will apply.

This warrantee comes into effect Jan. 1, 2010

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